3 Things to Know about Professional Duct Cleaning

Blog 3 Things To Know About Professional Duct Cleaning

Most people know very little about the air ducts in their homes—and that’s okay! They are hidden from view for a reason, after all. You shouldn’t have to think about the state of your ductwork very often, but from time to time, they will need a little bit of attention. While you may not need to know all about the ins and outs of your air ducts, there are a few things we think you should know if you’re concerned about the quality and efficiency of the air moving through them.

Professional air duct cleaning is a way to clear out the ducts that air moves through each and every day. This is important for a couple of reasons, which we will detail below. Though you don’t have to be an expert, here are 3 things we think everyone should know about professional air duct cleaning.

It Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

The primary reason people schedule professional air duct cleaning is to improve indoor air quality. Yes, your air conditioning and heating systems have a filter. You may even have additional indoor air quality equipment. But this is placed at the return duct, where air first enters the system. The rest of your ductwork remains largely unprotected.

Dirt and debris, including many allergens, irritants, and germs, can get into the ductwork by other means: through cracks in the ducts, from the vents, or from years of sitting untouched. Professional duct cleaning requires a technician to completely suck out this dirt, meaning allergens and germs are less likely to make their way back into your home.

Your Heating and Cooling Equipment May Work Better

All of that dirt and debris that is likely in your air ducts right now may be interfering with the performance of your air conditioner and your forced-air heater. The most efficient AC and heating systems cool or heat the air and then blow it back out to the rooms of the home via the most direct route. Dirty ducts can create friction that actually slows down the air.

If your air ducts are dirty, you may be paying more for heating and air conditioning than is necessary. Worse, chances are high that your ducts have major leaks, and you may need a professional to assess whether the ductwork actually requires replacement, something that could be done with a cleaning appointment.

There Are a Lot of Scams Out There

The final thing we think every homeowner should know about air duct cleaning is that there are, unfortunately, a lot of people waiting to scam you. It has been proven that dishonest companies will charge very little for duct cleaning because they are only giving off the appearance of working without actually doing so! Once on the job, they may continuously raise their prices, asserting that you have urgent duct problems that need prompt repair.

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