5 Signs That You Need to Schedule a Furnace Repair

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There are telltale signs that your furnace isn’t operating efficiently, and that it costs you extra money and a loss of comfort in your Anna, Texas, home. Professional HVAC services help you avoid the unexpected loss of heat when you need it the most.

A Strange Odor Is Coming From the Furnace

It’s normal for a furnace to emit an odor that quickly dissipates when it’s turned on for the season. However, if you smell fuel or a scent that continuously fouls the air, then it’s time for a professional to check for a gas leak or excessive dust buildup inside the furnace.

Lack of Heat Ventilation

If your furnace isn’t heating your home properly with warm air, then you may have leaky ductwork or a thermostat that isn’t working correctly with the heating system. When the furnace only provides minimal or no heat, that’s your cue to schedule a repair.

No Power

Unable to turn the HVAC system on? Then, that may be due to an electrical surge or a setting in your heating system’s safety controls. Leave it to an HVAC technician to diagnose (and correct) the problem.

The Furnace Won’t Stay On

Short-cycling is a common problem in HVAC systems. If your unit only runs briefly without heating your home to the set temperature, most likely, it is because it is short-cycling. You’ll need to call on an expert to come and repair the unit.

The Unit Makes Strange Noises

All furnaces make noise when they operate. However, when you hear banging, scraping, and squealing noises, it’s a good idea to get help from a technician for a diagnosis of the problem and prompt repair. The strange noises may be from a broken belt or fan or other components.

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