Don’t Wait to Schedule an AC Repair if You Notice These Signs

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Air conditioning systems contain a variety of complex mechanical parts, and most of them endure wear and tear over time. That’s especially true given the stress of dealing with the scorching summertime heat in McKinney, Texas. Unfortunately, that wear and tear can lead to serious and costly damage if left unchecked. Here are three key warning signs that you need to schedule a professional AC repair as soon as possible.

Strange Odors

It goes without saying, but your air conditioner shouldn’t produce any strange or unpleasant odors during operation. There are a few possible causes of foul odors coming from your AC system. A sharp, acrid smell often indicates that the wire insulation inside your AC system has burned out. A musty, earthy smell typically indicates that there’s microbial growth inside your AC or your duct system. Regardless of the cause, foul odors emanating from your AC system require immediate attention.

Unexplained Moisture

A healthy AC system should produce little or no moisture during normal operation. There are two common sources for the sudden appearance of moisture in or around your system: a blocked drain tube or a refrigerant leak.

A blocked drain tube prevents moisture from draining out of your AC system and allows it to pool around the system, which can potentially lead to microbial growth and even water damage. A refrigerant leak is even more concerning. Refrigerant is a hazardous substance and must be dealt with by a trained professional. If you suspect you may have a refrigerant leak, it’s imperative that you contact an HVAC professional immediately. Below are a few potential signs of a refrigerant leak:

High Utility Bills

Keeping your cool in the McKinney area comes at a price, but it shouldn’t break the bank. If you’ve noticed that your utility bills have been increasing, there’s a good chance it’s because your AC system is in need of maintenance or repairs. Dirty air filters and worn-out mechanical parts can both contribute to cooling bills that are more costly than expected.

It often doesn’t take long for a small AC issue to become a major problem. To avoid costly emergency repairs and avoid more extensive damage, it’s important to contact a professional promptly if you notice any of the signs detailed above. To learn more about how to protect your air conditioning system for years to come, contact Adon Complete Air Conditioning and Heating at 903-482-4900.

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