Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

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As a homeowner who’s constantly running around, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the ductwork inside your home. In fact, there’s probably a great deal that you still don’t know about air ducts.

For starters, you might be wondering: does cleaning air ducts make a difference in air quality or HVAC system performance? Depending on who you ask, you might receive a wide range of answers. Here at Adon Complete Air Conditioning & Heating, we answer this question with a “yes.”

Let’s discuss why air duct cleaning is worth it in the long run below.

Remove Harmful Airborne Pollutants

Indoor air quality is a concern for many people — especially since many of us have been spending more and more time indoors. As a result, it’s easy to worry about the health and safety of your family. Is the air inside your home contaminated with harmful pollutants? Unfortunately, there’s a chance that it could be. There are many types of common airborne contaminants out there — including dust, pollen, and pet dander.

While no studies conclusively demonstrate that dirty air ducts lead to excessive amounts of dust inside a home, this doesn’t mean that cleaning your air ducts can’t be helpful. For example, some homeowners will say that an air duct cleaning is worth it when paired with other indoor air quality solutions, such as air purification. These services, when put together, can potentially help reduce the amount of dust and debris circulating throughout your home.

If you’ve noticed excessive amounts of dust or pet hair inside your home, it could be a good idea to schedule an AC duct cleaning in Frisco, TX.

The Importance of Addressing Mold & Mildew

You shouldn’t panic if a small amount of dust has accumulated inside your ducts. It’s widely believed that dust, in a limited amount, doesn’t usually pose any overarching health risks. However, you should certainly be concerned if mold or mildew is growing inside your ductwork.

These harmful pollutants can grow in sheet metal ducts when they are exposed to moisture or aren’t properly sealed.

So, does cleaning air ducts make a difference when you have mold or mildew inside your ducts? The answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Cleaning your ducts when these contaminants are present can help prevent health problems associated with them. In some cases, mold and mildew growth inside a home can lead to allergic reactions and cause irritation, such as watery eyes.

Address a Pest Infestation

You’ll also want to consider cleaning your ducts if you’re dealing with a pest infestation inside the ductwork. Rodents and insects can sometimes sneak into air ducts, which is where they will create nests and potentially end up dying.

Since you don’t want harmful particles carried or produced by pests getting inside your home, it’s a good idea to schedule a duct cleaning with a professional technician.

Lessen the Strain on your HVAC System

If you’re looking to improve the overall energy efficiency of your HVAC system, you might want to consider cleaning important parts regularly. These crucial components can include heat exchangers, cooling coils, blower motors, and more.

Some homeowners and professionals alike will say that an air duct cleaning is worth it if you’re already planning to clean your HVAC system’s components.

So, does cleaning air ducts make a difference when it comes to improving the efficiency of your air conditioner and heating system? Pairing an air duct cleaning service with a full HVAC system cleaning could potentially help you see results.

But Remember: Never Clean Air Ducts Yourself

Although cleaning air ducts does make a difference in many ways, you shouldn’t try performing one of these services yourself. Instead, it’s important to work with duct cleaning companies that are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

If you choose to clean ducts yourself, you run the risk of damaging the ductwork. This is especially true for non-metal ducts, which are more prone to tearing. As you can imagine, this damage could negatively affect your HVAC system’s efficiency — causing much more harm than good.

Why else should you leave duct cleaning services to the experts? If you attempt one of these cleanings yourself, there’s a chance that you could accidentally introduce unwanted dust and debris into your home. As a result, you can end up causing the exact problem you were trying to avoid.

Of course, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your ducts are as dust and debris-free as possible. For example, it’s important to clean your air filter on a regular basis (about every 90 days). Keeping air filters clean can help keep HVAC systems running efficiently and air flowing properly.

Keep Your Ducts Clean With Adon Complete

Is air duct cleaning worth it? When it comes down to it, there are many benefits to scheduling these services. However, you should only ever trust your duct systems to a trained and experienced team of professionals.

At Adon Complete, we offer a broad range of home comfort solutions. We are here to help with all of your needs, from HVAC duct cleaning to dryer duct cleaning in McKinney, TX. Get in touch with us straight away to schedule a service with us!

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