Fully Customized Residential Rental Property Maintenance Services in McKinney, TX and Surrounding Areas

Whether in your primary residence or an income property, Adon Complete Property Solutions can develop a thorough, customized program that includes quarterly, monthly or annual maintenance. Your contract entitles you to this scheduled maintenance plus our priority assistance with concierge services, unplanned events, storm restoration as well our full range of contractors. Since we’re fully insured, we can work with your insurance company.


As part of our residential leased properties services, we have skilled professionals walk-though, survey, and document vacant or furnished properties before any move in and again when the tenant moves out. This will assure a quick turnaround and put the property back on the market.

  1. Doing a routine inspection of your property can help you spot problems before they become worse, and it gives your tenants the impression that you are responsible and thorough.
  2. If tenants injur themselves while doing repairs, you could be liable for damages. Also, a tenant could easily do a poor repair and create a larger problem without your knowledge. It’s always better to get repairs done by a licensed and trusted maintenance team.
  3. Your tenants will be happy because they will always be able to get their problems fixed. You will be happy knowing that you’re paying the best price and that someone is verifying that the job has been done correctly.
  4. Don’t face fines from the city or the HOA because your grass is long or paint is peeling.

Ask us we can help you improve your cash flow on your income-producing properties!

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