Smart Thermostats & Wifi Thermostats

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Looking for an update to how you control your HVAC system? Let the experts at Adon help you choose the right smart thermostat system for you!

Smart thermostats and Wifi thermostats have been on the market for over 10 years and have made giant leaps with the technology in that short period.

WiFi Thermostats - Thermostats you can control from an app personal device, like your smartphone or iPhone, so that you can adjust settings from anywhere. These devices connect to your wifi to allow you to set the thermostat wherever you are, via the internet. Wifi thermostats can ping you and tell you that the temperature has dipped below a set temperature so that you can adjust the temperature.

Smart Thermostats - The choices out there today have a ton of different amazing features including the ability to learn from your behavior and to self adjust to create the ideal temperature. Smart Thermostats also have the ability to connect with the rest of your smart devices over Google Assistant, Alexa, Nexia and more.

What Do Smart Thermostats Do Besides Turn My Hvac On?

In addition to being able to control the specifics of your HVAC system, these new thermostats have a variety of great features including:

Programmable Schedules & Auto-Scheduling - Many of these units allow you to set your own schedule or, even better, some will “learn” your schedule and behaviors and set up a schedule on its own! The unit contains algorithms and pattern recognition software to help set you up with a schedule that keeps you comfortable AND saves energy.
Remote Sensors - These are small sensors that can be placed around the house that report back to the main unit on the current conditions. The unit will then take that information and adjust its use of the HVAC.
Smart Home Connectivity - Whether you use Alex, Google Assistant, Nexia or another system, there are products that can interact with one another! For example, you could set up a “night mode” on the system which would put the heat at 70 degrees, put the shades down, and the lights off. Whole-home automation at your fingertips!

There’s a lot of choices, which one is best?

The smart thermostat market has many choices right now and at Adon, we will work with you to choose the right unit for your home. Some of the thermostats our customers have had great success with include:

Nexia based products - Nexia is an app that can help connect different types of devices in one easy to use place. Not only can you use the Nexia One Touch but can also use high-quality thermostats from American Standard, Trane and other HVAC manufacturers. At Adon, we recommend this brand of smart thermostat.
Nest Learning Thermostat - Since its introduction in 2011, the NEST has been paving the way for many other smart thermostats in terms of features. It is easy to set up, has some of the best learning algorithms available and has a complete host of other NEST products it can work with.
ecobee - One of the first products to hit the market back in 2008, the ecobee SmartThermostat is their latest and greatest product. Featuring built-in Alexa support, an array of SmartSensors to help balance your home’s climate and some of the fastest and best-looking tech around, the ecobee is one of the most popular choices.

Why Choose Adon?

Choosing the right smart thermostat is extremely important to your home. Not only will it control and balance your climate, but also can provide valuable information and interact with other smart home products. No one wants to invest heavily in smart products that don’t work with each other, and we are here to help you choose the right products.

If you are looking to update your North Collin County home with smart thermostats, or any other smart products, let the professionals at Adon help you achieve your goal! Call us at (903)-482-4900 to get started.

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