Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Better Technology Gives You Better Safety

The possibility of a fire or CO hazard in your house is no joke, so let the smart home experts of North Collin County help you with the latest safety technology.

Tried and true "old fashion detectors" have been a fine warning in the past, but modern technology has enabled them to provide a whole new level of safety for your family and home. You can buy one unit that takes care of both smoke and carbon monoxide, or purchase a unit for each. Even better? No more annoying low-battery chirps!

What are smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and why do I need them?

A smart smoke or CO detector will do the normal detection activities, but in addition to that, they offer some features and connectivity directly back to you. These smart devices will be set up in your home in the same places as a normal device, some are battery operated and some are hard-wired (the choice is up to you!) and will be hooked up to your WiFi.

Once connected and set up, each product has its own app for your phone to take full advantage of its features! Those features can include:

  • Notification of any alarms or issues detected.
  • Alarm silencing.
  • Low battery warnings.
  • A choice between voice and tone alerts from the unit.
  • Automatic diagnostics - The unit will always know if it is functioning properly!

Are there different kinds of smoke detectors?

Yes! Smoke detectors generally come in one of two different ways to detect fire:

  • Ionization - Typically the most responsive for flaming fires. How does it work? The presence of smoke in the unit "disrupts" the flow of ions and sets off the alarm.
  • Photoelectric - Typically the most responsive for "smoldering fires." This type is best at picking up long periods of smoldering in order to try and detect the fire before it gets large. How does it work? When smoke enters the unit it reflects light in a certain way, setting off the alarm

Product Highlight - Nest Protect

One of our favorite products to improve our customer's lives is the Nest Protect. Widely considered to be one of the best products in the category, the Protect will reliably alert you to the presence of both smoke and carbon monoxide!

The Protect offers a lot in one package, here are just a few of those features:

  • Split-spectrum sensor - Uses two different kinds of light to detect smoke.
  • Heat sensor - Detects sudden rises in temperature.
  • Humidity sensor - This Nest Protect exclusive feature reduces nuisance alarms caused by things like steam from your shower.
  • Ambient light sensor - Realize when you've shut off the lights for the night so it can automatically turn on other features such as Nightly Promise and Pathlight.

Why choose Adon?

Simple: we care about your safety! We want to be your partner in making your home or business the safe haven you deserve. Our experts will help you choose the right products, plan a convenient install time and be there for you after the install to answer any questions.

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